​​​Dashboard Media Chicago Limited Partnership​ is a video production company and online marketing service. With years of experience in media from web design and audio producing to video production and live show production, Dashboard Media has staff with degrees in film and art / media. 

The company was founded out of love and inspiration to be creative. Dashboard Media gets its name from how the company was created, and was first run, in the front seat of an ambulance!

It all began after an older company (Luer Lock Studios) split and Jeremy, one of the founding members, teamed up with Josh to form Dashboard Media Chicago. The company focuses on video production for businesses or entities that request product videos, crowdfunding campaign videos or business commercials. Dashboard also does business marketing online and specializes in social media platforms.

About the logo

The concept behind this logo is generated from the name itself, Dashboard and media.  A play button is featured to represent media and the graph like structure blended into it represents the potential to grow a clients business. 


Dashboard Media uses tons of gear. Cameras include Canon, Nikon, Gopro, and more. Stands, mics, booms, slides, jib cranes, and lights all go into making a great production. Dashboard Media Chicago uses state of the art 4K and full HD video recording. 


Josh A.

Founding Member

Dashboard Media Chicago


Founding Member

​Dashboard Media Chicago

Dashboard Media Chicago also has additional crew members who work very hard to help bring the best quality video production to life. The crew is really the backbone of the production and we encourage interested individuals to apply here for a crew member position.


Stephen Saprid

Jose Ancheta

Bryan Traxel